U.S. State Department

Cultural Arts Envoy

"The Arts Envoy Program shares the best of the U.S. arts community with the world to foster cross-cultural understanding and collaboration and to demonstrate shared values and aspirations."

-U.S. State Department






In 2005, Carla began an association with the U.S. Department of State which has continued for almost a decade.  Her first engagements took her to Mexico, the native country of her mother, and a place where she lived as a child.  Carla holds dual citizenship with the United States and Mexico, and speaks Spanish fluently.  

Since her first visit, Carla has returned to Mexico frequently, both as a professional soloist as well as under the Embassy's programming.  For her unflagging advocacy of empowerment through music, the U.S. State Department conferred upon her the title of Cultural Envoy, the duties of which include promoting American culture overseas, giving master classes and teaching music to orphans and poverty-stricken youth.

Carla has also worked on behalf of the U.S. State Department in China.  Her relationship there began in 2013, when she was invited to give a recital tour in ten cities throughout the country.  Not only did she comply with her performances; Carla also gave numerous masterclasses, talks, and press events, and she spoke about the importance of cultural exchange through the arts.  Some of the areas which Carla visited  had very little exposure to international artists or to western-style classical music.  As was the case with Mexico, Carla has been asked to return to China several times, both as a solo artist as well as through the State Department.